Bad news from the Netherlands


Is Labor Party Election Platform Only Anti-Israeli or Also Anti-Semitic?

The Dutch Parliamentary elections will take place on Wednesday 9 June. The platform of the Dutch Labor party (PVDA) is called “Everybody Counts”. The section on international affairs is entitled “The Netherlands in a Better World”. In it is a section on areas of instability in the world. It mentions in one line two areas of Africa. The only other issue named is the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, which gets 25 lines. It makes strong demands almost exclusively on Israel, recommending EU pressure on it to conform with these demands, with a few minor ones on the Palestinians. No mention is made of the promotion of genocide of Jews in the Charter of the largest Palestinian party, Hamas nor of the glorification of murderers of civilians by the Palestinian Authority. No mention is made in the program of the war in Afghanistan, in which the Labor party was the main proponent of withdrawal of all Dutch involvement before the NATO mission was completed. The Labor party leader is Job Cohen the former mayor of Amsterdam, whose grandparents on his father’s side were murdered in the Holocaust.

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  1. Well, the political left does have a long history with anti semitism after all. And now, with the new century well on it's way, they found a new ally in islamism it seems. And this partnership shurly will go places! It seems a match made in heaven...

  2. "Het huwelijk tussen links en de islam is voorwaar in de hemel gesloten, a match made in heaven, en zal de mens dan scheiden wat God verenigd heeft?"

    Arabist Jansen in z'n spraakmakende A. Constandse-lezing uit 2006:

    Zelfislamisering versus Verlichtingsfundamentalisme

  3. Cohen werd gisteren bij Nova gevraagd wat hij ervan vond dat hij na Netanyahu de tweede Joodse premier ter wereld zou kunnen worden: "Ik weet dat ik Joods ben en een Joodse naam heb maar ik voel me er op die manier niet mee verbonden."

    Klik hier voor uitzending.

    (doorspoelen naar 10:55)

    Uit een interview met de voormalige rector Henri Markens van het Joods Lyceum Maimonides door Manfred Gerstenfeld:

    The Visit of Mayor Cohen

    "In 2003 our school celebrated its seventy-fifth year. The mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen, gave the opening speech at the festive ceremony. Although he is halachically Jewish, it was clear that he doesn't identify in any way with the Jewish community. He did not say ‘we as Jews' but ‘you, as a Jewish community.'

    "In that he differs greatly from one of his Jewish predecessors, Eduard van Thijn, who was mayor of Amsterdam from 1983 to 1994. On the occasion of a lecture on National Memorial Day on 4 May, he told of his experiences during World War II and in his school years. He mentioned that he had had little connection with Judaism, his parents having abandoned any Jewish practice and even concealed their identity as Jews. When he became mayor, however, he realized his true identity and started to take lessons in Judaism.

    "When Cohen visited our school we spoke about the problem of anti-Semitism, which preoccupies us. He knew that our pupils were beaten occasionally. I let pupils who had experienced this tell him about it. He gave the impression that he was not at all shocked. In this context he presents himself as a man with no emotions who says he is trying to keep a society together, when in reality it already has not been together for a long time.

    "This makes me think about the late Schelto Patijn, Cohen's predecessor, who was Amsterdam's mayor from 1994 to 2000. He was not only very pleasant but also showed a genuine interest in the Jewish community. As far as security was concerned he was always open to the specific needs of Jews as he knew that these were real. I once said to him-the only non-Jewish mayor Amsterdam has had for a long time-‘it almost seems that you are Jewish.'

    "His approach was totally different from Cohen's. In recent years there has been much more need for the security of Jewish buildings than in Patijn's time. As the mayor is head of the police, one must address him for extra protection. Cohen referred us to the education and interior ministries. They referred us back to the Amsterdam municipality. Ultimately both the municipality and the ministries helped us, but it took a very long time."

    Er is ook en nieuwe satirische video verschenen: Hamas Hate Boat