Andrew Bostom on his latest book Sharia versus Freedom

"What I think needs to happen now is
we HAVE to overcome the fear of being falsely accused of being haters because we HAVE familiarized ourselves with these doctrines. We HAVE heard the complaints of Muslims who have found a way to live islam as a private faith and if the institutions in islam have not evolved the way these individuals have they are really at a tremendous disadvantage. (…)"
"I do not think people understand that unfortunately institutional islam in America is very traditional, it is very conservative, it looks to the Middle-East, looks to Iran, …" 
"I think - again - we have to be more confident in what we want Americans to be in terms of true inheritance to the constitution and the liberties that make us who we are. (…) We have to do the opposite of what our political leaders in many cases are imposing on us." 
"We have to make a stand!"

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