Wafa Sultan in Kopenhagen, 14 juni 2009.

Wafa Sultan, Copenhagen, 2009 from IFPS on Vimeo.

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  1. Geweldige vrouw!

    ook Amanda hield de vinger goed aan de pols:


  2. Zelf zou ik liever de tekst lezen dan naar een video met nare echo te moeten luisteren. Als iemand anders deze zelfde afwijking zou hebben dan is hij/zij misschien geholpen met deze link:


  3. Bedankt j.morika. Aanklikbare link naar de speech van Wafa Sultan:

    Hello everyone. Thank you so much for inviting me to attend this conference. I am so honored to be here today.

    Two years ago, in the aftermath of the turbulent times related to the Danish cartoon depiction of Muhammad, I traveled to your beautiful country to express my gratitude for your courage, to stand up and protect our valuable Western attribute to include freedom of speech, expression, and freedom of conscience. As you may remember, I insisted that publishing the cartoons was a very initial step to educate Muslims all over the world to acknowledge criticism and listen respectfully to how others view aspects of their religion.

    Ever since, I have been closely watching Arabic media, and assure you that publication of those cartoons has played a major role in making a positive change. And if that crisis, Islamic ideology emblazoned in hatred, violence, and intolerance, had not been questioned or challenged by outsiders in such a strong manner, the cartoon episode changed the paradigm and so was a turning point from which there is no way back.

    However, Muslims still find it difficult to accept responsibility for their actions, and the question is why. Muslims have been hostages to their belief system for 1400 years. They simply have not been exposed to the world outside their Islamic restricted prison. They follow blindly their dogma and arent at all capable of critically reflecting and self-criticizing.

    For Muslims, self-evaluating and challenging their religion is a pure taboo. According to Bernard Lewis, and I confirm it, Muslims reject newness. On the other hand, Western political correctness, triggered by fear, under the umbrella of multicultural creed, has played a major supportive role in Muslims on [unintelligible] following their beliefs and behaviors without need to reform.

    Lees hier verder:

    Wafa Sultan in Kopenhagen, 14 juni 2009

  4. Wafa, geweldige vrouw.
    Eindelijk komt ze wat meer in de media.

    Dit is ook een fijne van haar.

  5. Nog 1 coole dame.