Stop verkwanselen van de vrijheid van meningsuiting door Martin Schulz.


Filmpje 'Innocence of Muslims' hierr

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  1. VVM kan nimmer ondergeschikt zijn aan VVG. Schulz neemt met de Vrijheid van Meningsuiting een loopje idd.
    Stuur dit bericht naar Schulz

    Dear Mr. Schulz,
    It is one thing that you bow for violence, threats and fascim like the
    good law abiding German you are. It's probably in your blood and
    culture to be obedient to those who claim to have the right to reign
    over all others and who threathen to enforce power through violence
    and terror, rather than to protect the meek and innocent.
    Mind you, I am not calling you a nazi or fascist, far from it. I
    suspect you are a hard working, smart government official, a decent
    house father who loves his children, cheats on his wife occasionally,
    but regrets it deeply afterwards, and who has - in theory - respect
    for others and for the democratic and humanitarian values of our
    Western post war society. Although of course, you are a member of a
    government institution which democratic validation is dubious to say
    the least, much like that of most rulers in the Middle East. I for one
    have never voted for you nor have I had any opportunity to have a say
    in the way you have obtained your tittle. Nevertheless, what you say
    is supposedly representing me, an european citizen, as well. You are
    of course entitled to your opinion like anyone else. It is irrelevant
    that I consider your opinion as foolish and cowardice, as much as it
    is irrelevant that I consider the anti-Mohammed movie to be in
    extremely bad taste and an utter piece of garbage. And like everybody,
    you have the right to express that opinion the way you see fit as long
    as you abstain from violence. But please, the next time you decide to
    sell out my constitutional and human rights, please, please, make
    clear that this is your personal opinion and refrain from any and all
    suggestions that you are representing me and many more European
    citizens in any way. I would really appreciate it, so thank you
    beforehand for your consideration next time round.
    Kind regards,


  2. en dan hoor ik nu geluiden dat de maker geen Kopt is maar een moslim, op DDS een reaktie uit Elsevier overgenomen:
    bij Else4:
    R. Middelhuis op zaterdag 29 september 2012 18:01

    Geachte redaktie, U mist een zeer belangrijk
    nieuwbericht. De filmmaker van Innocence of muslims L Nakoula Basseley Nakoula is een agent-provocateur. Hij is geen koptisch-christen maar een moslim. Het hele Westen is erin getrapt, mn Duitsland waar ze een
    verbod op deze film afgekondigd hebben. De Duitse overheden hebben zich onsterfelijk belachelijk gemaakt. De hele aktie was dus vooropgezet, dus voorbereid om dit geweld te veroorzaken. Reinhard Heydrich, met zijn aktie in Gleiwitz, kan trots zijn.

    Ik ben heel benieuwd of dit aandacht gaat krijgen wat natuurlijk, als het waar is, groot in alle media moet komen.